Making Your Business Anniversary Count

A business anniversary provides a great opportunity to market your business—it’s the perfect time to inform prospective customers about your business and encourage past clients to come back again. However, letting a large portion of the public know that your business’ anniversary is coming up is seldom easy. The key to a successful anniversary lies in spreading the word about it through various forms of print media including posters, flyers, and publication ads. Read More…


Postcards with Graphic Design in Chicago: Affordable, Captivating Ads

Until November 30, 2014, we’re offering new customers an irresistible package. For a mere $49, you can get 250 4×6 postcards with a customized graphic design from our Chicago firm, shipped to you at no additional cost. The postcards will have full color on both sides and printed on 14pt Coated Cover stock with UV coating. We can just imagine how thrilled you’ll be with your affordable, captivating ads!

Chicago Printing Services Provider Now Offers Laminating to Clients

Roselle, Illinois (October 17, 2014) – As a response to insistent customer demand, Controlled Color, Inc. has added laminating capabilities to its service offerings. Lamination serves as an ideal complement to the company’s existing printing services in Chicago, which also include photography and graphic design.

Lamination is a process in which a plastic film is applied to printed material to increase its longevity. This outer coating provides added protection against fingerprints, smudges, and spills. Also, lamination makes an item sturdier by reducing its vulnerability to creasing, folding, and tearing. As such, lamination allows companies to save considerable money since the need for reprinting is significantly minimized.

Aside from these benefits, lamination enhances the colors of inks, which increases a printed item’s visual appeal. Hence, it is an affordable way to make prints look instantly more professional. A variety of printed pieces can benefit from lamination, including posters, passes, business cards, point-of-sale collaterals, and business signage.

The company’s laminate is available in 5 mil (.005) or 10 mil (.010) thickness. Additionally, the lamination can be trimmed to have rounded or square edges. There are also two edge styles to choose from: a “sealed edge,” which has 1/4” extra lamination all 4 sides, or a “trimmed edge” wherein no extra laminate extends past the edge (i.e. the laminate ends where the item ends).

According to the company, the addition of laminating services is part of its goal to become a one-stop shop for all printing needs. To learn more about the laminating process and to request for quotes, simply visit

About Controlled Color, Inc.

The firm is headed by Douglas Gaster, who has three decades’ worth of expertise in the printing industry. Its goal is to help clients create a positive image through the superior printing, graphic design, and photography services that it offers. Aside from being a top printing company in Chicago, Controlled Color, Inc. is also an established Internet marketing expert, helping customers garner the greatest possible visibility online.

Using Graphic Design in Chicago to Ramp up Your Business Signage

Consultations with your preferred Chicago graphic designer can focus on some key elements no matter how straightforward or snazzy your proposed design might be. Color is one such element and the right color helps people identify with the business branding right away – especially if it’s the company’s official colors. Monza red, for example, is instantly recognizable among motorsports fans as the prime color of Ferrari vehicles.
A good signage recognizes the demarcation between dark and bright colors to further highlight the content. Fell quoted International Signs Association strategic initiatives director Sasha Budev as saying that you cannot use different hues of the same color in the content. The reader might find the content hard to decipher, and the difficulty is double in a poor choice of font.

Marketing your Business with Postcards

Postcards are an excellent means of promoting your business using a variety of media, particularly text and photos. This is especially useful for businesses like real estate agencies whose clientele depend on the visual quality of their products.

Layout and Quality

Even the most reputable Realtor® can still miss out on clients if they executed a bad postcard marketing campaign. The most important elements on a property agent’s postcard would be a professional-quality picture of you on both sides of the card, a short message that directly speaks to the target market, and the call to action with contact details, among others. Read More…

How Graphic Design Improves Business Signage

Signage is an essential part of every business. However, pulling off effective signage isn’t an exact science. It needs the right amount of creativity and skill. For one, you can start by understanding how graphic design affects your business signage.

A check of various storefronts reveals signage that are all but faded or advertise stores that have been in business for decades. When your establishment deserves a modern leap of signage faith that keeps the traditions alive, though, let professionals who offer graphic design do it for you. Read More…

Trust Quality Chicago Printing Services for Your Business Card Needs


A graphic portraying the importance of business cards, and how having professionally designed and affordably printed business cards is not only easy and affordable, but essential as well.

Despite, or perhaps because of the low investment involved in business cards, the returns can be quite substantial. It remains an important part of networking, and ensures potential clients and customers know how to get in touch with you. Business cards also make a great first impression, so make sure you get the services of reliable printing services in Chicago to print them out.

Huebsch highlights the importance of a good business card design, not only in introducing your business but also in marketing it. There’s a huge difference between letting people know about your business and getting them hooked into buying your products and services. How your business card looks also has a lasting impact on a person, which could either make him a loyal customer or turn him off permanently. A seasoned printing company in Chicago like Controlled Color, Inc. may also offer graphic design services for your business card.