Tips on Making Effective Postcards

Even with the advent of the Internet and online marketing, many companies still employ direct-mail marketing as a strategy in reaching out to clients and customers. One particular direct-mail marketing technique is the use of postcards. These harken back to a simpler time, and often evoke a bit of nostalgia in receivers. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help make postcards effective marketing tools.

One of postcards’ best features is personalization, which appeals to the sentiments of receivers. To that end, the designs and fonts on your company postcards should show that effort was put in their crafting. Addressing your recipient by name rather than the generic “valued customer” or “current occupant,” conveys a friendlier tone. Additionally, make your postcard’s message as straight to the point as possible as this will help catch the receiver’s attention while rifling through the daily mail.

Also, make use of both sides of the card to convey your point to customers. For instance, an attention-grabbing design on the front can be nicely complemented with an explanation at the back. This gives the impression that your postcards were done meticulously; on your end, it also saves you on costs.

Sending postcards is one inexpensive way to connect with your customers, and happy customers are always good for business.


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