Postcards: Not Just For Tourists Anymore

Most only think of postcards as what people send home when they want to touch base during vacation; however, postcards can be more than that. They are the perfect marketing tool to send out instead of those bulky junk mail pamphlets many companies still send out. Here are some benefits of postcard marketing that you should know about:

  • Easy to read. Postcards are pretty simple; one side is a picture and the other has the message. Any recipient will have no trouble understanding what your message is. It presents your business in a direct manner and there’s no room for confusion. For one, with the limited space, you’ll only have a few sentences to convey your message. Maximize it by presenting your idea quickly and catching the reader’s interest. Moreover, place websites or social media addresses so potential clients will know how to get more information about your business.
  • Affordable. Instead of having several pages of paper printed out, you simply put the cards in envelopes, and go directly to the mailing part. This saves time, money, and resources, which mean a lot to any business.
  • Memorable. When people get junk mail, they usually throw it away immediately. Recipients of your postcard, especially if your image is interesting enough, may just put it on the fridge door. It also connects you to your potential client in a better way than junk mail; people like getting postcards from relatives and friends, after all.

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