Making Your Business Anniversary Count

A business anniversary provides a great opportunity to market your business—it’s the perfect time to inform prospective customers about your business and encourage past clients to come back again. However, letting a large portion of the public know that your business’ anniversary is coming up is seldom easy. The key to a successful anniversary lies in spreading the word about it through various forms of print media including posters, flyers, and publication ads.

Print advertising still remains as a core communication and marketing channel. In many ways, print makes sense because there are still plenty of customers who don’t rely on the Internet for news or information. Add to that, just because people are walking by your posters or flyers, it doesn’t mean they’re ignoring them. With effective graphic design, those few seconds that they glance at your ad is all you need to make an indelible mark on their minds.

To increase the chances of your business anniversary print ads getting noticed, you need to answer three vital questions: Who is your target audience? Why should people come to your anniversary? What do you want your customers to do when they get there? If you have trouble answering these questions on your own, consulting with a savvy graphic design company will arm you with the information you need to know to create a colorful and eye-catching poster, flyer, or publishing ad to ensure your upcoming business anniversary promo or celebration is a success.


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