Marketing your Business with Postcards

Postcards are an excellent means of promoting your business using a variety of media, particularly text and photos. This is especially useful for businesses like real estate agencies whose clientele depend on the visual quality of their products.

Layout and Quality

Even the most reputable Realtor® can still miss out on clients if they executed a bad postcard marketing campaign. The most important elements on a property agent’s postcard would be a professional-quality picture of you on both sides of the card, a short message that directly speaks to the target market, and the call to action with contact details, among others.

Some experts recommend to have your cards printed on glossy paper, and on larger sizes as needed. A bigger postcard can work if you want to highlight certain properties you helped sell or other listings.

Fire Then Aim

A postcard marketing campaign needs aiming at the properly-defined customer bases when launched. For instance, you can first send the postcards to your friends or past clients, then progress to people in your community or workplace. The real challenge is sending postcards to people in places where you have a positive reputation.


If you’ve printed and sent a good deal of postcards, now comes the hard part: the responses. You must jot down the details of the postcard recipient before you send it to them. Any positive responses and their nature – whether it’s about acknowledgements, appointment bookings, or information– are worth logging.


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