Loco for Logos: WWF Panda

The most effective graphic designs are often the simplest ones. Despite, or perhaps, because of their simplicity they are able to convey their message with little ambiguity. Some of the most recognizable logos in the world exemplify this.

Take the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo, for example. Of the millions of animals that roam the earth, the WWF chose the panda to embody its ideals on animal welfare. Sir Peter Scott, one of the founders, wanted an animal that was well-loved by the world for its appeal and endangered status. With less than 1,600 left in the wild, the panda was the perfect choice.

While the WWF caters to the welfare of all endangered animals, saving the panda became a milestone for the international organization. In its first two decades of existence, many pandas were being lost to hunters, or to displacement that resulted from China’s then economic boom. The Yangtze Basin was an economic hub, thanks to heavy trade passing through the Yangtze River.

Yet, this simple logo raised the banner for pandas everywhere. In 2004, results of lobbying for the panda’s continued survival bore fruit with a 40-percent increase in the population, as reported by the State Council of China. At the moment, however, they remain endangered, largely because of their inability to reproduce as fast as other mammals.

Today, the world has come to appreciate the panda as the symbol of conservation efforts the world over. After all, who wouldn’t want to save these adorable creatures?


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