Saving Postcards from Obsolescence

Under the lens of American history, the postcard began as a kind of envelope with a picture printed on it. The postcards we have today simply remind us of a place we’ve been to or wished we’d been to, with a brief message or address behind it. After the introduction and wide use of e-cards and e-mail, the postcard─ once a quick way of reaching out to someone today─ has become a souvenir.

All is not lost with things of the past, however. Like the printed or handwritten letter, the postcard still sees some use today. Similar to other collectibles like stamps, there are collectors who long to be reminded (and remind others) of the way things used to be. There are even virtual museums that keep old postcards, such as the Chicago Postcard Museum, which was founded on November 1, 2007

Postcards are still used as effective ways of reaching out to people, especially for advertising particular places or for use as traditional greeting cards. The sight of a beautiful printed shot of a nearby lake still appeals more to people than a set of photos posted on social-networking sites. Print is not dead, and it is certainly not the end of the line for postcards.


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