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Trust Quality Chicago Printing Services for Your Business Card Needs


A graphic portraying the importance of business cards, and how having professionally designed and affordably printed business cards is not only easy and affordable, but essential as well.

Despite, or perhaps because of the low investment involved in business cards, the returns can be quite substantial. It remains an important part of networking, and ensures potential clients and customers know how to get in touch with you. Business cards also make a great first impression, so make sure you get the services of reliable printing services in Chicago to print them out.

Huebsch highlights the importance of a good business card design, not only in introducing your business but also in marketing it. There’s a huge difference between letting people know about your business and getting them hooked into buying your products and services. How your business card looks also has a lasting impact on a person, which could either make him a loyal customer or turn him off permanently. A seasoned printing company in Chicago like Controlled Color, Inc. may also offer graphic design services for your business card.


A Quick Guide to Postcard Printing

Throughout American history, postcards have played an important role in enriching relationships through distant communication. They have also helped preserve the traditional method of correspondence, in a much more economical yet more attractive form. You can still get a lot of people to buy postcards these days, with your own postcard selling business. Read More…

Graphic Design in Chicago: Combining Elements to Convey Your Message

successful-signage.jpgThe principle observed when choosing color, however, doesn’t change. Complementary colors remain the most effective in any graphic design. They allow for high contrast, which aids in the focus of viewers.

The right combination of all these elements will give you signage that can effectively convey what you are offering your market. Professional Chicago graphic design artists from companies like Controlled Color, Inc. have the right skills and talent to provide you with the kind of signage and other promotional materials that will make people take a closer look at your business.

Loco for Logos: WWF Panda

The most effective graphic designs are often the simplest ones. Despite, or perhaps, because of their simplicity they are able to convey their message with little ambiguity. Some of the most recognizable logos in the world exemplify this.

Take the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo, for example. Of the millions of animals that roam the earth, the WWF chose the panda to embody its ideals on animal welfare. Sir Peter Scott, one of the founders, wanted an animal that was well-loved by the world for its appeal and endangered status. With less than 1,600 left in the wild, the panda was the perfect choice. Read More…

Enlisting Printing Services in Chicago for Trade Show Tabletop Signs

twelve-tricks-for-tabletops.jpgBusiness owners in Chicago may relate to the importance of creating a good impression on potential clients/customers at trade shows. Many roads lead to Chi-town for several big-name trade conventions every year, with McCormick Place as one of the venues to be when trade show season comes around. When your business is participating in any trade show and you want good marketing materials to back it up such as tabletops, companies such as Controlled Color, Inc. (CCI) will fulfill your need for printing services in Chicago.

Using Good Graphic Design in Chicago to Create Eye-popping Brochures

Chicago’s tourism marketing efforts are no less challenging in creating the kind of brochure that will stand out. Some of the more awesome brochures you’ve leafed through over the years may include the Chicago Bulls’ season schedule, the Downtown Transit Authority’s sightseeing guide, and even catalogs by real-estate agents advertising their services. If you are looking to promote your business with a brochure that mesmerizes and educates potential customers, Chicago graphic design experts like Controlled Color, Inc. are ready to lend a hand.

Saving Postcards from Obsolescence

Under the lens of American history, the postcard began as a kind of envelope with a picture printed on it. The postcards we have today simply remind us of a place we’ve been to or wished we’d been to, with a brief message or address behind it. After the introduction and wide use of e-cards and e-mail, the postcard─ once a quick way of reaching out to someone today─ has become a souvenir. Read More…