“Now that You Said It, Here Are Some Brochures…”

Brochures are always the information sources you can read on the go and learn something new. Some brochures you pick up have a look that grabs you quick, the kind that a Chicago graphic designer is able to create.

Bring Color Into Your Life

Color turns an otherwise drab brochure into something vibrant. A marketing brochure for a business, for example, is often laid out in the company’s official colors, right down to the same hue. If necessary, use a solid color like black to separate sections where the official colors might bleed into each other.

Content Is Everything

Brochures will be all but worthless if there’s not much content to engage a potential customer about your product or service. Fix the material for any typos, grammar flaps, and style errors before they are on the layout. You don’t want to order printing a fresh batch of the same brochures because some words were misspelled. Never forget to place contact details at the back of the brochure; some brochures may add a small map to clue in customers on where the physical location is.

A brochure that has a good balance of design and content will keep customers interested in more about your business.


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