Points to Ponder on Postcard Printing

When you’re designing a postcard for your organization, make sure it stands out from the competition, and if you can help it, make sure your style will be one for the books. Here are some tips for producing an outstanding postcard:

  • Striking Imagery – You don’t need words to start them talking. Choose striking and interesting images that your clients will appreciate.
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep it short and simple. This is a marketing strategy that works regardless of what media you use. Your clients will appreciate a few short words that catch their attention than a lengthy narration.
  • Singular Idea – Make sure that you incorporate only one main idea in each card. Otherwise, you might end up confusing your clients.
  • Staying in Context – Never stray from your main idea, and never let this concept veer away from your intended market, either.
  • Whitespace – Don’t hate having whitespace in your card. You won’t be saving any money with a postcard that’s too cluttered for the eyes to appreciate.
  • Choosing a Printer – Choose printing companies that have equipment capable of delivering high-quality output at an affordable price.

The more creative and catchy your postcard is, the better your clients can appreciate it, and the more they will consider working with you. Always remember not to overwhelm them with detail, text and other clutter, but leave them speechless with the message embedded in the card’s simplicity.


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