Making Mouths Water with a Cool Menu Design

Dining out with friends is part of urban living. So if you have a nice new restaurant in the city and want to attract the usual yuppies, you might want to start with the menu. Making a serious effort to design a menu that would literally make your customers’ mouths water will go a long way in bringing in profits someday.

You can adopt certain strategies in menu design to further sate your customer’s appetite. Here are two of them:

Style and Look

The menu must carry your restaurant’s overall theme and look. For instance, if your place has an American family barbeque motif, you can ask your graphic designer to subtly include patriotic colors or a hint of red bricks. The designer can familiarize himself/herself with your restaurant’s theme and colors, then come up with captivating designs and innovative sections for various items.


Customers study menus as if they’re reading a book, according to market research findings. Therefore, structure your menu in such a way that it builds up excitement—like in a book—starting with appetizers, until the climactic main dishes, and dessert and drinks for epilogue. Divide your main dishes into smaller sections.

Write the prices in smaller fonts to prevent overtly turning off customers. If you have some highly-recommended items, place small icons to highlight them.

Looking at the menu and seeing vivid descriptions of food can help customers make quick decisions. Get a good design company to work on your menu for maximum effect.


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