Take Advantage of Printing Services in Chicago for your Business Cards


A graphic portraying the importance of business cards, and how having professionally designed and affordably printed business cards is not only easy and affordable, but essential as well.

Computers and the Internet have taken so much of daily life and put them up online; a few things, however, remain adamantly enforced in real time. Reading an actual book in one’s hand, for one. In the world of business, handing out business cards to potential clients is still a habit hard to break.

People continue to take time to choose their cards; it is after all, a lifeline to financial and work opportunities. If you’re one of those who whip out business cards to get people to keep your name and number handy, you might as well check out these few tips on designing your own cards before you get printing services from Chicago firms, such as Controlled Color, Inc.

Know your Cards

There are many ways to design your business cards, and Entrepreneur.com summarizes some of them:

  • Basic cards. A basic card is usually printed in black ink on plain white or cream stock. This is a good style to choose when utility is all you need.
  • Picture cards. Having your face on your card-whether it’s a photograph, a drawing or a caricature-helps a contact remember you the next time he or she sees you.
  • Tactile cards. They may use nonstandard materials, such as metal or wood, or have unusual shapes, edges, folds or embossing.
  • Multipurpose cards. A card can do more than promote your name and business-it can also serve as a discount coupon, an appointment reminder or some other function.

Keep It Short and Simple

Whichever style you want to try out, always remember the K.I.S.S principle in your design. Business cards are meant to be easily and quickly read, not a space in which to put all your available information and contact details. In short, be sure to “keep it short and simple” for your prospective client’s convenience.

Lead to Content

Business cards with the company’s homepage is far too common, so why not raise the bar a bit and lead your prospective client to pages like your blog, your services, or even to promotions you offer? Directing people somewhere other than your homepage could facilitate a more refined and focused reading of satisfying and relevant content in your site.

Call to Action

You don’t want people to just put your card in their wallets and forget it ever existed, do you? Your card is a call to action, a more-or-less direct invitation to prospective clients to do business with you. Do this by including special offers, gifts, or small promotions whenever you can.

After you’ve decided on the design and type of card to make, look for a reputable printing company. The quality of your choice of business card or postcard printing in Chicago could make or break your efforts to end up with a card that can efficiently reel in your prospects into your business.


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