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Postcards: Little Gifts with a Special Touch

Everything is digital nowadays – from phones to pens and notebooks, to servers and mailboxes.


You’d wonder if there’s still the human element left. However, it’s hard not to miss good old snail mail amidst the prevalence of ultra-fast messaging. Remember the kind and friendly postman who delivers your letters and messages? How about the nice, warm feeling you get when you send and receive postcards from friends and family members? Read More…


Increase Your Sales with a Graphic Designer

Running a business requires not only excellent products but also intuitive strategies that effectively promote to the public what you have to offer. One of the smartest ways to market your products is through carefully-designed and well-executed collateral like posters, signage, and catalogs. If you have the money to spend, then hiring a graphic designer should be your next move.


One of the benefits of hiring professional graphic designers is that they can help you build the image that you want and stick to it all the way. If you own any business you would want to create an image which you can claim as yours. With the help of a graphic designer, you will be able to convey the right message to your target customers while staying true to the image you are trying to build. When it comes to marketing, consistency is essential. Read More…

The Charm of Printed Postcards and Letters

While the digital technology and the Internet has made every mode of communication simple and accessible, there are still some occasions when the traditional way of sending postcards and written mail is more widely appreciated. Some advantages still exist in designing, printing and sending postcards the traditional way, instead of using its digital counterpart.


For one, e-postcards may be more convenient, but the traditional printed varieties—which require more effort to make and send—are regarded as more valuable. Secondly, any postcard sent through email can be deleted by mistake, whereas a card sent by post will most likely be kept by the recipient in a box or bureau drawer.


One thing to note about handwritten letters and postcards, too, is that it doesn’t need a computer or any device to view. Computers can malfunction and prevent the proper opening of a digital postcard or letter, preventing the recipient from seeing the message immediately. A letter hard copy can be read anytime, anywhere, and as soon as the recipient gets it.


Handwritten letters and printed postcards aren’t out of vogue. There are many people who continue to appreciate receiving greeting cards and missives via the traditional post, with lovely graphics on them. Don’t hesitate to have your own cards printed and send them to a loved one celebrating his or her birthday.