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No Better Time than Now for Affordable Postcard Printing in Chicago

In today’s highly competitive market, you need to ensure maximum visibility for your business. Aside from engaging prospective customers online, you also need to reach out to them through effective print marketing. To make that happen, you’ll need top-of-the-line Chicago printing services for quality flyers, business cards, and postcards that will get you noticed in three seconds or less.

“Improving Your Visibility in a Modern Market” is our slogan at Controlled Color, Inc., and we have all the tools and expertise necessary to deliver on our commitment. From clear and sharp product photography all the way to accurate color management and affordable printing, our graphic design team will work closely with you to create stunning marketing materials that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.


Chicago Graphic Design Company Surpasses 2,000th Project Milestone

By 2012, the company made a vital decision to work with a team of search engine experts and make the move into Internet marketing, in order to supplement their existing services. Today, the company is implementing a new Internet marketing plan, which they expect will double their volume growth rate to 20%. They also plan on expanding this year to keep up with their growth targets.

Established by Doug Gaster, an experienced graphic designer in Chicago who has 25 years of experience in commercial printing, CCI specializes in effective graphic design for businesses that wish to improve the visibility of their respective brands, products, and services. They offer product and food photography and premedia, as well as the printing of flyers, postcards, and business cards.

Should You Hire Graphic Designers or Not?

Companies, both big and small, have different departments that handle their own respective tasks. This is done in order to distribute and delegate assignments to different people who are adept at handling specific duties, and thus arrive at favorable results. Sometimes, though, there is a need to hire experts from outside a company, especially when marketability and profitability are at stake. Graphic design is one powerful tool that all companies should take advantage of, and having it done by the right people is essential.


There are many reasons why you need to hire a graphic designer from outside, instead of taking on the specialized task by yourself or having your staff do it. One reason is that you already have so many things to worry about. Hiring another person who can effectively handle your graphic design needs will save you valuable time and allow you to focus on other important areas of your business.


Aside from saving more time, you will also be spared from all the problems that might arise during the ad production process. There are many concerns that could suddenly spring up, like printing issues, that might call for the reworking of the final output. A professional graphic designer will be able to address such instances, if not totally avoid them, right from the early stages of a project.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to finding the right people who are capable of meeting and delivering your target goals at the right price.

Why Quality Printing is Important for Businesses

Professional printing services have become more accessible and affordable in recent years. Despite the availability of mobile devices that allow for documents and photos to be viewed on a screen, many still prefer to see and read information on printed materials. Some even choose to have the documents and photos on their mobile devices printed. Read More…