Mistakes When Hiring a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is important to relaying a marketing concept in a way that your target consumer will be entertained or informed. The choice of hiring one can spell out many advantages to a business’ goals of promoting its products and services. Wasting it on a less-than-ideal candidate, as such, is something that every business must avoid so that you can make the most out of the decision.

These common pitfalls below should therefore be avoided like a Comic Sans font.

  • Hiring someone you know nothing about. Research factors heavily into making a good decision, and it should feature prominently in your search for a graphic designer. Before signing on the dotted line and talking about fees, check out your candidate thoroughly so you can decide whether he or she is right for what you have in mind.

  • Hiring someone whose works you have not seen. A designer’s portfolio is the best bargaining tool he or she has; if it is not good, being employed may not exactly be a breeze. Examine your candidate’s list of past projects and pay particular focus to his or her breadth. Flexibility is usually a sign of great talent – which is something that your hired designer should have in spades.


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